SketchCrawl 04/06/23 10am

First Thursday – April 6, 2023, 10 AM

At Lincoln City Hall

600 6th Street, Lincoln

We were going to meet here in December, but we were rained out.  It looks like April might work better, so let’s meet in front of the main entrance.  There are busy downtown streets as well as lovely local homes nearby, so you can have a true urban sketching experience in whichever venue you choose.

After a couple of hours of busy sketching, snapping or just hanging out, we will meet up again for lunch and serious discussions at Old Town Pizza, on the corner of Lincoln and 6th Streets.  That way, you won’t have to move the car.  You’re welcome. Please try to bring cash rather than plastic if you’re going to have lunch; servers will thank you because we won’t need separate checks. 



In case you’re new to the sketchcrawl format, it goes like this: You bring something to draw with and something to draw on – or bring a camera, if that’s your bag.  Draw, sketch, paint or snap for a couple of hours, then bring your work to our group lunch and sketching throwdown. 

NOTE:  Although you don’t have to be an RFA member to participate, RFA memberships are open!   Go to to join



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We hold monthly meetings, normally showcasing noted artists as guest speakers with some offering classes afterwards. We partner with the City of Rocklin in many endeavors to bring art to the public.

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